The Latta Foundation for Development of Science and Culture

Диплом Бюро ЮНЕСКОThe Latta Foundation for Development of Science and Culture was registered in Saint-Petersburg in August 2005.
LATTA is a public establishment with specific purposes and objectives for researching and popularizing the Chechen culture as well as developing and supporting the research of the Chechen history, culture and traditions.

The Foundation core purposes and objectives:

-Conservation of ancient cultural traditions of the Chechen people

The Latta Foundation has organized discussion on the Chechen ancient moral and ethics code, reconstructed by Lecha Ilyasov based upon the folkloric materials, in the Republic’s mass media. The code is composed of various democratic values and may become the framework for the new moral idea of the Chechen society. In 2006, the redaction of the book “The Chechen Ethical Code” in the Russian, English and Chechen languages by the Latta Foundation and its publication were among the most significant events in the Chechen’s cultural life. So far, “The Chechen Ethical Code” is one of the most discussed and cited materials related to the Chechen themes in the World Wide Web. 

-Research and popularization of the Chechen culture

The Latta Foundation for Development of Science and Culture has been actively supporting the research in the various spheres of the Chechen culture and art. In 2009, the Foundation was awarded the Diploma “For contribution to conservation of cultural heritage and enhancement of cross-cultural dialogue” by UNESCO Office in Moscow for redacting the book “The Culture of the Chechen People” in the Russian and English languages.
The electronic version of the book was placed on the Web site of UNESCO Office in Moscow at

-Research and popularization of monuments of the Chechen medieval architecture
The Foundation members actively participate in researching and popularizing the unique monuments of the Chechen medieval architecture.
Following the meeting of director of the Latta Foundation Lecha Ilyasov and director of UNESCO Office in Moscow Mr. Philip Keo in 2006, the photographs and materials about 40 monuments of architecture were placed at the UNESCO official Web site that laid a perfect background for further cooperation of our center with this relevant international organization.

In the same year, the Foundation initiated a production of TV film “Towers Ascended to Heaven” devoted to the tragic fate of ancient buildings which history exceeds thousands of years. The film was repeated on the Chechen TV for a few times.
In April and May 2007, the grant awarded by UNESCO Office in Moscow allowed Lecha Ilyasov to monitor the monuments of medieval architecture in Sharoysky District of the Chechen Republic and then release a DVD in the Russian and English languages.

Research and popularization of the monuments of the Chechen medieval architecture are among the most important purposes of our Foundation.
In 2010, Lecha Ilyasov mapped the Chechen medieval landmarks and plotted their GPS-positions.

In 2011, the Foundation has begun the works aimed to discover and copy the ancient Chechen petroglyphs – symbols on medieval stone buildings, which sometimes are more ancient than the buildings themselves. We have fixed and copied more than 80 petroglyphs. We’ll keep working in that way. The ultimate aim of the project is to publish a book “The Chechen Petroglyphs” and open a department of the Chechen petroglyphs in the National Museum.

The strategic project of The Latta Foundation for Development of Science and Culture is aimed at composing and publishing the Integrated Collection of the Chechnya Medieval Artifacts, which is of invaluable importance to the history and culture of the Chechen people.

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