Lecha Ilyasov — CV

Леча ИльясовIn 1984, Lecha Ilyasov graduated magna cum laude – with great honors from Tomsk State University, having obtained his degrees in Russian Philology and Classical Philology.

Being a student, he was engaged in research, and his student term papers were related to various problems of Russian and ancient literature, aspects of translation theory.

In addition to his research, he had an interest in the history of the Caucasus and political science.

His graduate thesis considered the particular issues associated with translation of the passage from Ovids’ “The Metamorphoses” by V.A. Zhukovsky, and after its defense was presented for publication in interuniversity collected volume.

On his graduation from the University, Lecha Ilyasov served as an officer in the Armed Forces.

After military discharge he worked as senior professor at the Department of General Language Science and Classical Philology at the Tomsk State University, where he held a course on history of ancient literature, gave instruction in Latin and Classical Greek, gave some special courses on ancient philosophy, Virgil’ and Ovid’s poetry.  more »

The Latta Foundation for Development of Science and Culture

Диплом Бюро ЮНЕСКОThe Latta Foundation for Development of Science and Culture was registered in Saint-Petersburg in August 2005.
LATTA is a public establishment with specific purposes and objectives for researching and popularizing the Chechen culture as well as developing and supporting the research of the Chechen history, culture and traditions.

The Foundation core purposes and objectives:

-Conservation of ancient cultural traditions of the Chechen people

The Latta Foundation has organized discussion on the Chechen ancient moral and ethics code, reconstructed by Lecha Ilyasov based upon the folkloric materials, in the Republic’s mass media. The code is composed of various democratic values and may become the framework for the new moral idea of the Chechen society. In 2006, the redaction of the book “The Chechen Ethical Code” in the Russian, English and Chechen languages by the Latta Foundation and its publication were among the most significant events in the Chechen’s cultural life. So far, “The Chechen Ethical Code” is one of the most discussed and cited materials related to the Chechen themes in the World Wide Web.  more »